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Hi thoughtful humans! A quick follow-up issue ✨

A friend recently asked me about my current wellness routine and product recommendations. I quickly typed them all out and thought that I might as well share them here too. Below are my honest thoughts & tactics/products that I use every day. My philosophy is that products on their own won’t equate to improvements in wellness. Instead they should support your everyday wellness tactics and make it easier / more delightful to do them.

Hope that they encourage you towards your wellness goals into the new year ☺️! If you have any recommendations, hit reply and i’ll include them in the next issue.

p.s. a couple of these recs have amazon affiliate links as an afterthought to help cover costs of website hosting ❤️


  • Main Tactics: Getting up and sleeping at the same time, minimal caffeine in the morning (use decaf if you like the taste of coffee), and not taking long naps during the day (even if you’re super tired).

  • Product I use:


  • Main Tactics: the therapeutic benefits of meditation really becomes apparent to me after 20 mins. It takes that amount of time to just have the mind settle. I start off with a body scan, thanking each body part for functioning and telling myself “I love you”. Then I move onto my breath. Every time my mind pulls away into thoughts, I gently refocus on the breath or the sounds in my environment.

  • Products I use:


  • Main Tactics: I’ve been doing this habit pretty much every day for the past 600 days. I’ve stuck to it through pairing it with taking photos of things I appreciate throughout the day and uploading it along with my gratitude entry at night. By doing this, i’ve trained my mind to subconsciously look for things to take photos of and appreciate throughout the day. This habit has singlehandedly raised my happiness baseline a whole step-function.

  • Products I use:


  • Products I use:

    • DayOne app for when I need to quickly process thoughts.

    • Handwriting in a journal when I need to think through big decisions or ambient concerns that are still in my subconscious.

  • Main Tactics: Journaling is imo the cheapest form of therapy. I often reach many conclusions and revelations through the process. Below are a list of weekly prompts you can ask yourself, that my friend Kevin Lee compiled:


  • What did I accomplish this week?

  • What went well?

  • When did I feel most energized?

  • Who made me feel good this week?

  • What $10,000 / hour work did I do this week?

  • What 20% of actions drove 80% of results?


  • What didn't go well?

  • Where did I get stuck?

  • What am I putting off?

  • What was the biggest mistake I made this week?

  • What did I worry about most this week?

  • What was the least valuable thing I did this week?


  • What did I learn?

  • What are things I learned about me?

  • When did my ego get the best of me?


  • What is the hardest problem I'm thinking about?

  • What would solving this problem look like if it were easy?

  • Is there anyone I can ask for help / advice on this problem?


  • Did I show up for the most important people in my life?


  • What do I want to start doing?

  • What do I want to stop doing?

  • What do I want to continue doing?


  • What do I want to accomplish this upcoming week?


  • Main Tactics: I strongly believe that the best workout is the one you can consistently do. Which means finding the workout that makes you feel good and not in pain/annoyed afterwards. I’ve tried the HIIT classes and weightlifting regimes, but never stuck with them because I don’t genuinely enjoy them. As humans we consistently do what makes us feel good, plain and simple.

  • Products I use:

    • Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit - the most comfortable and lightest running shoes i’ve ever owned. They have no laces which makes the friction of getting up to run ever slightly easier to overcome.

    • Nike Run Club app to track my runs. It’s alright but i’m locked in.

    • Bose QuietComfort headphones to listen to music - doubles up as ear warmers as well in the chilly mornings.

    • Boho Beautiful yin yoga videos - 100% free. her voice is incredibly soothing and the backdrop to her videos are always in nature.


  • Main tactics: I usually just have coffee in the morning or a fruit/spinach smoothie. I’ve found that carbs make me feel hungrier afterwards and spike / plummet my energy. In the afternoon and evenings my go-tos include stir-fry veggies, avocado toast with poached eggs, and rotisserie chicken.

  • Products I use:

    • H.V.M.N. Keto Collagen+ Protein Powder - I mix this into my decaf coffee every morning. It helps me maintain energy/feel full, tastes good, and also makes me feel like i’m doing something good for myself at the start of each day.

    • Nescafe Taster's Choice House Blend Instant Coffee - I love instant coffee. I also like fancy coffee. Most days I drink instant coffee because it’s quick and I can easily mix decaf + caffeinated ratios together depending on how much caffeine I need.

    • Celestial Peach Country Tea - I think i’ve been drinking this tea for 10 years. Its cheap and relaxing. I love the peach aroma therapy.

    • Fellow Stagg Coffee Kettle - seriously aesthetic. The thin kettle neck forces me to slowly and mindfully pour my coffee. Subtle but makes a difference in my mentality.



  • Main Tatics: Outside of courses with a cadence, I use the explore and exploit process for ambient learning throughout the week. I use a variety of tools to gather content I find interesting, and then I consume them in one go on the weekends. I also learn through creation, which includes side projects and photography.

  • Products I use:

    • PocketCasts for podcasts - my current favorites include Below the Line with James Beshara, The Quest with Justin Kan, Philosophize This! with Stephen West, and Farnam Street

    • Raindrop.IO - as a bookmarks manager for articles

    • iPad Pro - for listening to podcasts while taking notes with the apple pen all one one screen.

    • FlowBox - is my inbox and reader for newsletters.

    • My two newsletters: Wellness Wisdom & Amor Fati are tools for public accountability around my learning goals in wellness, philosophy and art.

    • Fujifilm X-Pro3 - I love taking my camera on urban hikes and using it as a portal to be mindful about the mundane and beautiful things around me.

Hope you found these recommendations useful! Do you have any recommendations to share? Hit reply and I’ll include them in the next newsletter 💌



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