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Dear readers,

I’m excited to share an exciting announcement today ✨

For the past 9 months, Wellness Wisdom has been my refuge to resurface old and new learnings from ongoing explorations in wellness and philosophy. The thoughtfulness I hope its sparked in you all and internal shifts I’ve felt in the process, have all made this endeavor very worthwhile.

Which is why I was appalled when a few of my close friends asked me when I was planning on turning my newsletter paid.

They gently reminded me that I spend 16+ hrs on each issue, on top of juggling a full-time job and other side projects.

If people truly valued my time, I should give them a way to express their appreciation.

After wrestling with it for over 3 months… I’ve decided to continue to keep this newsletter free.

It’s a human right to have access to quality wellness resources, and I wouldn’t want to put that behind a paywall. With this newsletter, it’s still my north star to help as many people navigate their internal lives.

Instead, I want to offer you another way to express your support..

Announcing 📣:

On avg, I spend 12 hrs/week finding the best in personal development, wellness, start-ups, art, architecture, philosophy, and product management.

Only about 5% of what I read goes into my newsletters. The rest goes into my personal archive. How cool would it be to open this rabbit hole to you all?

By doing so, I hope to up-level your content diet and save you time through sharing quality signal across the vast sea of content noise 🙏

Every month I will send you quality vetted links 🔗 from:

  • the 95% of links that don’t make it into Wellness Wisdom or Amor Fati

  • ✨ the 30 invite-only slack groups i’m part of across product management, start-ups and mental health

  • 🗞 300+ newsletters I read and discover weekly as the creator of Newsletter Stack and FlowBox

  • 💕 Support me as a writer and creator so I can buy ☕️ to sustain myself

Interested? 👇

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Thank you so much for your support.